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The Indian Affairs optical assistance programs falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government of Canada and is part of the non-insured health benefits. This program provides Registered Indians and recognized Inuit and Innu with health benefits that are not covered under other provincial programs. 

  • Indian Affairs covers all eligible members for a basic eye examination by an optometrist and eyeglasses every 2 years. 
  • They require that all members present a valid status ID card with government issued photo ID.
  • IMPORTANT: Authorizations through indian affairs can take up to 48hrs to process.  We are also unable to obtain authorizations on the weekend or late Friday afternoons. Please ensure that you inform our staff at the time of booking, and that you call ahead if you wish to book an examination on the weekend.
  • Due to the turn around time for authorizations through indian affairs, we are unable to take walk-in appointments. Patients who require a same day eye exam may pay the regular professional fee and submitt their receipts to Indian Affairs for partial reimbursement.

For more information on benefits and services,  please refer to the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada website.


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