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Having your child's eyes examined is one of the most important things a parent can do. Humans are visual in nature and children spend most of their time learning about the world around them through their eyes. Children seldom complain about vision problems, because they assume that everyone sees like them. Likewise, having perfect 20/20 visual acuity does not always mean perfect visual function. For example, children with excess farsightedness are able to see the Tim Hortons or McDonalds sign a mile away, but often find reading books or working on the computer to be difficult and have problems concentrating on their homework. They may also abstain from reading activities or potentially fall asleep after only 15 minutes of concentrated school work.   

Kingsway Optometry and the Alberta Association of Optometrists recommends that children receive an annual eye health examination by either an optometrist or ophthalmologist. These eye exams are designed to fully test a child's visual system, and determine any weaknesses that may need to be addressed during these important developmental years. Routine eye health examinations should commence no later than age 3. If however, your child's pediatrician has any concerns, please do not hesitate to bring your child in sooner for their first eye health examination.

Basic Eye Examination---$Paid by Alberta Health Care

  • Children are covered under Alberta Health Care for an annual eye health examination 
  • If a valid Alberta Health Care card is not available.  The fee is $90.00
  • If a child has already received an eye health examination within the July 1-June 30 billing cycle, they may not be covered. If you have any concerns, please ask the staff, and they will try to accommodate your child's needs as best as possible.


Eye See... Eye Learn

The Alberta Government in association with the Alberta Association of Optometrists has team up to launch a new program called Eye See... Eye Learn. This program was put in place to ensure that all children receive an eye health examination by an optometrist prior to entering Kindergarden. The Eye See... Eye Learn program was initially launched back in 2003 in the Elk Island Public Schools district, but has since grown to cover the entire province of Alberta. The goal of the program is to ensure that all children have the visual capability to succeed in the academic environment. To reduce financial barriers for some families, the Alberta Association of Optometrists has teamed up with local area optical suppliers and its membership to provide one pair of eye glasses at no cost to children in Kindergarden who require them. 

In order to take part in the Eye See....Eye Learn program, your child must be enrolled in Kindergarden in a participating school division. You child is required to have an eye examination by an optometrist and have them complete the following form. Eye See...Eye Learn




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