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Contact Lenses - 2 Week & 1 Month Breathable Lenses


Book an eye exam and contact lens fitting at Kingsway Optometry and ask your eye doctor about trying a more breathable contact lens.

Breathable contact lenses are great for patients who wish to wear their contact lenses all day long. Many of the new breathable style contact lenses help to reduce dry eye symptoms, eye irritation, and the look of red tired eyes.

Newer more breathable contact lenses are made out of silicone hydrogel materials, which allows up to 5X more oxygen then traditional contact lenses.

Kingsway Optometry carriers numerous brands of breathable contact lenses in stock and can offer same day contact lens fittings and dispensing for most patients.

Breathable Contact Lenses at Kingsway Optometry

  • Air Optix Aqua
  • Air Optix Aqua Night & Day
  • Acuvue Oasys
  • Acuvue Advance Plus
  • PureVision 2 HD
  • PureVision
  • Harmony 
  • Biofinity


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