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Emergency Eye Exams

Eye Exams - Adults (Ages 19-64)  


Adult Eye Exam Details:

  • Cost: $90.00
  • Age: 19 to 64
  • Frequency: Every 1-2 years
  • Includes:       
  • Case History - Personal & Family
  • Review of visual needs
  • Pressure check for glaucoma
  • Neurological assessment and pupils
  • Eye muscle testing and eye coordination
  • External eye health evaluation
  • Internal eye health evaluation
  • Prescription for eyeglasses if required
  • Review of diagnosis
  • Review of treatment options


Adults should receive a regular eye health examination by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. An eye exam by an eye doctor ensures that your eye health and your vision are thoroughly tested. Sight testing alone does not address complete eye health. Many vision and ocular health conditions are not accompanied by recognizable symptoms.

Additional Eye Exam Services Include:

Contact Lens Exam

A contact lens fitting can be performed on anyone interested in trying contact lenses for the first time, or simply trying a new brand of contact lenses. Most contact lens fitting can occur at the same time as your eye exam. Learn More!

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation Exam

A laser eye surgery consultation can be performed on anyone who is interested in pursuing procedures such as PRK or LASIK.  Our eye doctors will provide you with an unbiased pre-surgical evaluation and will forward your test results to any surgery centre of your choice. This examination includes a dilated retinal examination and a cycloplegic eyeglass refraction.  Learn More!

Dilated Eye Exam

A dilated eye exam provides a more thorough examination of your overall eye health and retinal health.  A dilated eye exam is always performed in the case of reduced vision, visual concerns and individuals with diabetes, cataracts and high blood pressure. It may also be performed if your eye doctor spots any eye health condition that requires further examination.

Dilated retinal examinations are covered under Alberta Health Care when medically necessary. Otherwise, standard professional fees apply. Learn More!


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