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Book an eye exam and contact lens fitting at Kingsway Optometry, and talk to your optometrist about trying 1-Day disposable contact lenses. 1-Day disposable contact lenses are easy to insert and handle, and can provide all day lens comfort.

1-Day disposable contact lenses can be a great alternative to traditional 2-week or 1-month disposable contact lenses. Every day you get the feeling of putting in a fresh new pair of contact lenses, and there is never the need to purchase contact lens solution again. There are never worries about deposit build up on the lenses, or bacteria buildup within the lens. 1-Day disposable contact lenses are a great option for busy people looking for increased comfort and convenience. They are also the go to contact lens product for all children due to their improved health and safety.

Environmental Fact: 1-Day disposables contact lenses are often looked upon as being bad for the environment. Infact, 1-Day disposable contact lenses are less wasteful then you think. Traditional 2-week or 1-month contact lenses are manufactured in Canada and the United States, but are flown overseas for inspection and packaging before being flown back for distribution. Patients are also required to purchase contact lens solution in thick plastic bottles, and purchase a plastic contact lens case. The 1-Day disposable contact lenses produced by Ciba Vision however, are produced in Georgia and shipped directly from the factory to your eye doctors office. There is also no need for contact lens solution or contact lens cases. The plastic containers and foil tops are also recyclable.

Kingsway Optometry carriers numerous brands of 1-Day disposable contact lenses in stock and can offer same day contact lens fittings and dispensing for most patients.

1-Day Disposable Contact Lenses at Kingsway Optometry

  • Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus by Ciba Vision
  • Dailies by Ciba Vision
  • TruEye by Johnson & Johnson
  • 1-Day Acuvue Moist by Johnson & Johnson


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